So you want to make a crossing to the Bahamas?
These links may be of help.

Homestead Bayfront Park - The best jumping off place in South Florida.

No Name Harbor - The best place to return to after the return crossing.

Guide to Sailing and Cruising Stories - Just what it says.

The Crossing and various Bahamas Links

Cruising Guide to the Abacos and Northern Bahamas - Good reference site for crossing.

e-boating's Crossing the Gulf Stream - An excellent site for planning a crossing.

e-boating's Crossing the Gulf Stream Part II - a must-read site.

Florida Keys Virtual Traveler - Good crossing information.

Crossing the Gulf Stream - These people did it.  Read their website.

Crossing the Gulf Stream - Another how-to site.  Has good links.

MacGregor 26X Millenium Tour - Good how to site.

Sail to the Bahamas - A been-there, done-that site. Good story and photos.

The Crossing - Been there, Dunnit Story

Bimini  - A reference page.

Bimini Big Game Resort & Marina - The best marina in Bimini

Cruising the Bahamas - A pretty good site.  Good links.

Cruising the Abacos - Great links.

Yahoo Cruising Site Listings - Great site. - Recommended by Jack O'Brien - Recommended by Jack O'Brien  - Recommended by Jack O'Brien

Books, Cruising Guides and Charts

The Near Bahamas, including the Abacos - Necessary chartbook.

The Abaco Guide - Excellent cruising guide.  Good crossing information.

Florida Keys and Everglades Cruising Guide - A must-have for the Florida Coast.

Video - Cruising the Bahamas with the Shards - Pretty entertaining.


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